In my dreams, my mother slams her foot down on the gas pedal and steers the car in my direction. We're in a dimly lit alleyway. The air is crisp and the moon is bright, lending light to the sky- brushing it a pale navy blue.

I run, I fumble with my phone desperate to capture what's what happening but she hits me.

She stands over me as I struggle to breathe, the sounds of gargling blood in my throat, my chest rising and falling unable to gulp a full breath; watching the slow pace of my barely beating heart, her eyes dark and empty- staring.

She cocks her head to one side as if she's studying me, and a sickly grin washes over her face. She doesn't need to speak a word, I am already afraid and this pleases her.

When I wake, I'm suffocating. My body, sheets and pillow soaked in sweat.

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